Past Scholarship Recipients...The envelope, please!

The Deposition Reporters Association has established a scholarship program to award financial assistance to deserving reporting students throughout California. Scholarships will be awarded yearly, based on the applicants' grades, financial need, participation in reporting activities and organizations, letters of recommendation, essays, and interviews conducted by the CalDRA Scholarship Committee.

Congratulations to these deserving recipients! CalDRA is proud to be able to help such motivated, enthusiastic promising future reporters to attain their goals. We will continue to do our part to give back to this wonderful profession.

Scholarship Application


And this year's winner is.... CHANTRA SIGGARD!  CalDRA is proud to award the 2023 Zandonella Scholarship Award to Chantra Siggard and congratulates her on her dedication and hard work.


2022:  Scholarship recipients: Tessa Farias, Haleema Saleh, Tera Walker

2021 Scholarship recipients:  Jessica Lobato and Angela Rojo

2020 Scholarship recipients: Pat Jensen and Araceli Villanueva

2019 Scholarship recipients: Chris Dunsmore and Nicole Duzich   

2018 Scholarship recipients: Jennifer Marks and Jennifer Richardson-Messer   

2017 Scholarship recipients: Catie Siegner, Brywn Whatford, and Rosana O'Rear  

2016 Scholarship recipients:  Katherine Schilling and Andy Rodriguez   

2015 Scholarship recipients:  Jessie Frey and Celeste Poppe    

2014 Scholarship recipients:  Jennifer Esquivel and Ann Breitler 

2013 Scholarship recipient:  Aimee Edwards-Altadonna   

2011 Scholarship recipients: Mikey McMorran, Helen Peabody, and Kimberly Kadolph 

2010 Scholarship recipients: Jessica Guardado, Shirley Lynn and Tara Muckenfuss 

2009 Scholarship recipients: Jean Kim, Olivia Ford and Michele Morse 

2008 Scholarship recipients:  Stephanie Fernandez, Marsha Sawa and Brittany Flores