Got questions?  Ask the Depo Diplomat!

Dear Depo Diplomat

Ever have a procedural question or just confused by something that's taken place in a depo? Ever have an attorney request you do something that just doesn't seem quite right?

You have undoubtedly encountered at some time a new or unusual reporting predicament where you would have appreciated some advice on how to deal with the problem. Your membership in CalDRA provides you the opportunity to turn to CalDRA for that assistance. Our Depo Diplomat continually attempts to meet the needs of our members by providing a valuable service and our AskDRA project will help you arrive at a practical, professional and appropriate solution. Your question may even make it to our AskDRA video help page!

Toni Pulone is one of CalDRA's founders and an agency owner and reporter for more years than she will let us say. She has long served as CalDRA's Legislative Chair and mentored hundreds of reporters during her career, both as CalDRA's Depo Diplomat and as a frequent speaker at CalDRA conventions and seminars.


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