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Fall Seminar


Board Meeting
October 17 -10:00 am
LAX (Tentative due to COVID-19)


Board Meeting
January 16, 2021 -10:00 am
Oakland (Tentative due to COVID-19)




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Making all the years of wisdom and experience of DRA readily available to every DRA member all the time. We are proud to provide our members 24/7 mentoring. Check out the video to learn more!

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"When do I report a lawyer for nonpayment to the State Bar?"
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"Can I swear in a witness remotely?"

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"If they watch my realtime, do I have to tell?"

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"What do I say if there are objections to my audio sync?"

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"Is it illegal for attorneys to copy and share my certified transcript with other parties?"
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"Do I have any say when a depo is supposed to begin?"
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